Thursday, November 15, 2012


If you haven't already had a chance to pick up the new seven inch. Head on over to Sorry State Records and snag a copy before it's too late!

Sorry State Records: "Brilliant debut EP by this band from the unlikely locale of Murray, Kentucky. These guys play some awesome, energetic post-punk with brilliantly melodic guitars and vocals... though there's obvious nods to old-school post-punk bands, Quailbones sound resolutely modern, reminding me quite a bit of Whatever Brains as well as Total Control's most energetic tracks. As with both of those bands, Quailbones are about more than just emulating a style... they seem like songwriters first and foremost, and these three tracks will lodge themselves right into your brain. Limited to only 100 copies, so don't sleep on this one. Ghost Orchard Records"

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