Tuesday, January 10, 2017


10-song debut album available now for download and physical format via Not Normal Tapes. Give it a listen and download the album below. You can get a grip on the tape directly from Not Normal Tapes or the good people at Sorry State Records who had this to say about the album:

"Brand new cassette full-length from this band out of Murray, Kentucky. If I remember correctly, I first heard about Quailbones some years ago when Whatever Brains played with them in their hometown... it seems like Quailbones have been holding down the small but vital Murray scene for quite a while now, hosting touring bands and, by all accounts, blowing their minds. I can only assume that's what happened with Ralph from Not Normal, and I'm glad to see that he's putting some work into helping this band become more widely known. If you're wondering what Quailbones sound like, Whatever Brains is probably a closer sonic reference point than anything I can think of in the Not Normal catalog. Quailbones play heavy, song-oriented music that seems to have roots in both the post-punk and indie rock traditions, though it's not nearly as stylized as most of what gets called "post-punk" nowadays and not nearly as vapid, banal, or blatantly commercial as most of what I hear coming from the indie end of the spectrum. If you're looking for an older reference point, I would be very surprised if there weren't at least a few Swell Maps records scattered across the band members' collections. They have a similar way of pulling earworm hooks out of songs that feel, as a whole, kind of unstructured and jam-y. Speaking of those hooks, they're bigger and more sophisticated here than they've been on any previous Quailbones release, approaching near-Parquet Courts levels of melody-composing prowess. Could this be the release on which Quailbones finally break out and get the attention they deserve? I sure hope so, because I hate to see a band this great remain so criminally underrated."  

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Friends! Our new split 7-inch with R. Ring is available to order now. Get the record from us here or directly from SofaBurn Records. If you're interested in getting copies for your distro or record store send an email to QUAILBONES@GMAIL.COM and we'll take care of you.
We're also happy to announce that our debut LP will be arriving via Karmic Swamp Records. We'll have the details to share in coming weeks. Listen to 'Teeny Tiny Mind' below. A new song that will be featured on the LP.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Welcome back. The information underflow can no longer be contained. This is the face of a friend you never knew you had.
We have contributed a song for a 7'' split-single featuring our friends R. Ring (The Breeders' Kelley Deal and Ampline's Mike Montgomery) that's out this July via SofaBurn Records. Stream it below.
We also have a handful of upcoming shows:
Friday, April 17th - Murray, KY - Freedom Skate Shop and Lounge w/ Barbariettes, Cocoonitude, Joanie
 Friday, April 24th - Carbondale, IL - The Skihaus w/ Leonard the Band
Tuesday, May 19th - Louisville, KY - The New Vintage w/ R. Ring
Saturday, June 6th - Whitesburg, KY - Seedtime Annual Punk Show w/ Globsters, Google Boys, and more.
Tuesday, June 23rd - Nashville, TN - The End w/ Broken Water, Idle Bloom

Saturday, May 31, 2014


On Thursday, June 5th we will be opening for Parquet Courts at Third Man Records in Nashville, TN. If you're in the area we hope you'll make it out for this incredibly special occasion. Music will start promptly at 8PM.
In other news we've been working hard on recording new material to be shared in coming months. Details concerning future releases are still in the slime stages, but soon enough we'll be able to shine more light on all of it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Our next show will be on Monday, March 10th at Terrapin Station in Murray, KY and it's a prime time doozer. We'll be playing with these five other bands: R. Ring, Motel Beds, Tropical Trash, Lushes & Joanie. We recommend you come out early and hang with all your favorite dum dum boys and girls if you're in the area.
>>>Event Page<<<
In other news, we've started writing and recording the follow-up to Lord Dion's House of Discovery. Can't say too much about it just yet, but when it's time to know you'll know.
We recently did an interview with the Kentucky based Tobacco Magazine for their sixth issue. You can check it out here.
We often forget to update this old blog and we're sorry about that. Don't let it get you down. The best way to stay up date with us is here. Now you know.. If you're interested in booking a show or have any questions, contact us at QUAILBONES@GMAIL.COM.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We really couldn't be happier to be playing the Cropped Out music festival taking place in Louisville, Kentucky on September, 27th-29th. This is going to be a killer time and something you don't want to miss out on maniacs. Check out the lineup here. Quailbones will be playing on Saturday the 28th, but we hope you'll join us for the entire weekend of deliverance. You can buy tickets here.
If you didn't already know, now you can know it all. We recently did an interview with It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine and it will fill you in on just enough to get you through your day. Read the interview here.
Our next scheduled show is on Saturday, September 21st at Tater-Tot Mansion. We'll be playing with those glorious dudes in Sneeze. Bring your earplugs if you know what's good for you.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


You know the kind. Lord Dion's House of Discovery is officially out and about. You can get a copy of the 7-inch here or download it directly below. In other news we'll be playing the Cropped Out festival this year. We're quite excited to say the least. More details on that in time.